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PETER DONGHUN HAN is an independent fashion label based in London, UK. Founded in 2020, right after his graduation from MA Fashion Menswear Royal College of Art. Following his graduate collection “Where are you from?” ,which encapsulates a sense of belonging in each garment as he aims to define the floating identities of Asian diaspora, he set up the eponymous label. Through his works, he wants to talk about this undeniable product of globalization by representing people in his community. PDH is known for inviting people in the community he stands for in the process of each collection. From casting & fitting and even to design process.

PETER DONGHUN HAN strives to make clothes that people around himself be willing to wear everyday life. Not too difficult and easy to wear, but implies lots of personal stories of each individuals.


The majority of all PETER DONGHUN HAN garments are made from deadstock fabrics sourced all around the world, mostly from UK, S.Korea and Japan. By using recovered deadstock fabric means that no new fabrics are being newly produced. Due to the limitation of deadstock fabrics and to avoid overproduction, most of PDH garments are produced for certain amount of numbers only.


“MINNESTOA 21” is his second collection, which is a retrospective collection inspired by his childhood memory in Minnesota. The collection is full of influences he had during the time, and it’s richly reinterpreted to garments through functionality, color palette, silhouette, and self-developed print details. The collection is a homage to his childhood which has made his perspective to the world.